DSC_3152 copyMonument included in the UNESCO World Heritage List. The Holy Church of Voronet Monastery, dedicated to Saint George the Martyr, was built between 26 May ant 14 September 1488. lts  architecture is representative for the Moldavian style. The legend of its origins recalls two great personalities: the founder — Saint Stephen the Great, and Saint Daniil the Hermit. In 1547, the Metropolitan‘ Grigorie Flosca, added the exonarthex to the west end of the church and had the exterior painted. The frescoes adorning the church are known for the vivid blue of the backgrounds, a color which became world-famous as “Voronet Blue“.

The south facade is decorated with scen its from “The Life of Saint Nicholas” and “The Life of John the New from Suceava”. On the left side of the door there are two scenes: „Saint George piercing the dragon”, and a double portrait of the Metropolitan Grigorie Rosca and of Daniel the Hermit. On the outer wall of the pronaos is “The Tree of Jesse” (the actual and spiritual genealogy of Jesus Christ), framed on each side with six ancient philosophers.

On the three apses are painted “The Celestial Hierarchy” and “The Terrestrial Hierarchy” („The Procession of AllDSC_3154 copy Saints”).

More faded due to weather condition the murals on the north facade represent scenes from “The Akathistos Hymn of the Annunciation”, „The Genesis”, “The Life of Saint Anthony the Great” and “The Aerial Toll Houses”.

The west facade is a vast icon, a representation of “The Last Judgement”, a unique composition of the eastern Christian art.

The inside paintings date back from two different periods. The chancel, the naos and the pronaos were painted in 1496 while the exonarthex was painted in 1547. The pronaos was only gilded in 1550 by the Metropolitan Teofan. The naos is dominated by the figure of “Christ in Tetramorph” depicted on the Moldavian-style tower dome. The votive painting illustrates Prince Stephen the Great in the middle donating his church to the Christ. The prince is protected by Saint George and followed by his wife. Princess Maria Voichita, and his children, Maria and Bogdan. On the dome of the pronaos is depicted “The Holy Virgin 0ranta” with child Jesus in her lap. The walls and the vault of the exonarthex are covered with the scenes of „The Menology”, the Orthodox calendar.

The Holy Monastery of Voronet still preserves several masterpieces of medieval art: the Iconostasis made of gilded yew wood, the princely throne, the pews and the tombstones.