The village was recorded in .1548 as part of the domain of Ciceu Fortress belonging to the princes of Moldavia, since the times of Stefan cel Mare.

The wooden church has as its patron saints „The Holy Archangels” and was built around 1771. An inscription at the foot of the Altar mentions the church having been brought from Dumbravita for the use of the small Orthodox community (many of the believers had converted to Greek-Catholicism).

The architecture of the church is similar to many other found in Maramures, with pronaos, nave and pentagonal disconnected apse, access from the south, and a simple roof covered by shingles supported by short brackets cut in equal steps.

The bell-tower has an extended watchtower with a pyramidal spire that becomes octagonal at the top. The frame of the entrance door impresses by its splendid decorations, arabesques and rosettes, framed by concentric circles placed on both sides of a carved

Byzantine wooden cross. On the sides, a double twisted rope in a broken line decorates the door.

The front painting is almost entirely deteriorated. On the side walls there are fragments

with scenes from The New Testament, like: ”The Last Supper”, „Jesus  Ascension”, ”Adam and Eve”, ”Iona and The Ark”. On the parapet of the balcony, is a beautiful frieze with Hierarchs of the Orthodox Church standing in a row. It reveals a different view on the usual succession of the scenes in charming lively colors of red and light blue.

On the front part of the lconostasis, wonderful floral friezes in Radu Munteanu’s style separate the panels and the medallions of the paints. They are painted two by two, on a blue background with aloes around their heads.

The Holy Doors underwent many structural changes, but the beautiful decorations in the shape of grape vines framing medallions have been preserved. Unfortunately, the pictures in the medallions were almost entirely rubbed out.

The church also houses wooden icons picturing Saint Nicholas, The Holy Mother with The Child, Jesus the Creator, and The Trinity. Unfortunately all have been touched by the passing of the years.