According to the local government borders set in 1954, this hamlet is part of Vima Mica village.

The wooden church named „The Sunday of All Saints” (All Saint’s Day ) was moved to its present site, in the middle of, an old cemetery in 1801, having been brought from Copalnic Manastur. The date when the church was built there is unknown, but the archaic structure proves its age.

Meanwhile, the building was plastered on its outside and inside. Also a porch, with inwardly sloping sidewalls, was added when the shingle roof was replaced by zinc-sheets.

The small church has an extended watchtower surrounded by a fret-sawn parapet, decorated in its middle, and a balcony with twelve pillars joined by a massive corona. A square steeple that becomes octagonal at the top ends with a simple cross and completes the structure.

The lower part of the interior walls is covered with 1,30 m high laths. Above them a frieze painted with bunches of grapes and vegetable vines frame medallions of Saint Ann, Jesus Christ, Saint Andrew and Saint James. Most recent icons, ”The Return of the Prodigal Son”, „Jesus Walking on the Sea”, ”Jesus Baptism”, „Jesus Entering Jerusalem”, „Jesus in the Garden of Gethsemane have been painted above, at the request of the congregation.

The Holy Trinity surrounded by Cherubs is painted on the ceiling vault. On the side vaults, the four Evangelists are framed in medallions. „The Three Magi”, ”Abraham’s Sacrifice” and ” Jesus on Cross”, are painted with strong lively colors in the Neo-Byzantines style on the parapet of the balcony .

The iconostasis is divided into rectangles separated by simple borders. On the axis, ‘ The Last Supper”, Jesus King” and ” Jesus Crucified ” are accompanied by scenes and characters inspired from traditional iconography, painted in bright colors. The painter proved to be skillful in reproducing faces and bodies.

The extensive scene „The Crowning of Jesus Christ’s Mother” is painted on the inner surface of the iconostasis.

A beautiful old wooden icon of Archangel Michael is preserved in this church. In the cemetery along with old stone crosses, is wooden cross which is similar to those at Sapanta.