The village was recorded in 1365. The wooden church once again is under the spiritual patronage of The Holy Archangels. It was built around 1700. Its distinctive elements are the two overlapped porches on the western side and the overlapped roof with its tower-bell sustained by thirteen colonnades above which a pyramidal pointed spire flared at its bottom rises.

The porch has elegant arcades made of carved arches, fixed by wooden pegs to the corona or band of wooden boards above it, and supporting pillars, beautifully rounded in the middle, surrounded by a parapet decorated with fret-sawn fish shapes and circles.

The upper part of the entrance door has an arch made by carving the lintel beam that is supported by the side doorposts. They are not decorated.

The deteriorated painting inside completed in 1775 by an unknown artist, is distinguished through its coloring, mostly brick-red and blue (specific to the region). The characters are painted with individual faces and present a variety and succession of themes and stories.

The wooden church general view
The wooden church, general view

Angels holding flowers bordered by Cherubs, at the corners, can be seen on the ceiling vault of the pronaos. On the sides there are scenes inspired from Jesus life, ” The Parable of the Ten Virgins”, The Samaritan Woman” (she is wearing Romanian folk costume)”, “Jesus entering Jerusalem”, Saint Nestor and Lie and so on.

A two-headed eagle with “The Banishment from Heaven” on its left and “Abel’s Murder” on the right is painted above the door of the nave two solitary monks. Macarie and Onofrei are painted on the southern side. Saint George, „Judas talking to three Jewish high priests about betraying Jesus”, “The Last Supper”, “Jesus being judged” and others can be admired on the northern side.

The ”Holy Trinity”, and “The Ascension of Mary”; are flanked by pictures of the four Evangelists on the ceiling vault.

The Iconostasis is special because  of the Principal holy icons of Jesus and Mary, and the heart-shaped medallions framing faces painted in lively and clear colours.

The church  also houses a beautiful wooden candlestick and wooden icons on a golden background engraved with wonderful leaf-shaped decorations.